EPHESUS KNX Room Controller & HVAC

EPHESUS KNX Room controllers with a stylish and simple design; It is produced from quality materials with its own unique painting hand workmanship. Our devices, which are produced with two and four buttons, can be easily mounted on universally used round or square flush-mounted cases.

At first glance, it is perceived as a KNX-based thermostat control device. It is not only a thermostat, but also a KNX-based room controller. EPHESUS KNX Room Controller has a simple and plain interface design and temperature, humidity and ambient light level sensors on it. In this way, it provides a high level of comfort and energy efficiency in your environment. A comfortable air conditioning, lighting, curtain / blind control can be done with a single touch. You can also activate / deactivate sound systems or scenario management.

This allows you to control the most important functions needed in the room, thanks to a single platform. In addition, all functions can be remotely controlled via the EOZ Touh panel, smartphone or tablet (IOS & Android).

LCD Screen

Handcrafted Painting

Different Color

Humidity Sensors

Ambient Light
Level Sensors

3 different color of
LED notification

Product Characteristics

  • Displaying environment humidity and temperature on the screen
  • 4 integrated push buttons
  • 4 status LEDs on the push buttons for feedback of the operations
  • Switching, dimming, shutter&blind controls, HVAC controls, scenes and value control functions are available with push buttons
  • Comfort, standby and economy modes are selectable
  • Displaying the fan level of HVAC products on the screen
  • Displaying window status with an external magnetic sensor
  • Displaying outside temperature with communication object
  • To be able to lock for all processess with lock icon on the screen
  • Easy installation to 60x60 mm universal mounting box
  • Easy programmable with ETS via programming led and button
  • Built-in ambient sensor and automatic dimming control based on ambient brightness
  • Built-in humidity sensor and threshold controlling
  • Average calculation functions with various data types
  • Logic functions and data converters
  • 18 Different colour selections
  • 94mm x 94mm x 32mm(WxHxD) dimensions
  • CE and KNX certifications
  • Zamac metarial type
  • 2 years warranty


DWG Drawing
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